A hands on approach to understanding meiosis. The program draws particular attention to the genetical consequences of different chromosome segregations.

Here's an example of how it works.

This program starts off with a short comparison of mitosis and meiosis. Then it shows the template for the various stages of meiosis. This is what it looks like at the start:

... and this is what it looks like after the student has built up the stages:

Now the program asks the student to make up a chromosome configuration that will lead to different gametes:

This is what it ends up with. The student is asked to answer some questions based on it.

Now we look at the effect of crossing over. A 'chiasma template' is provided. The student is putting one into place.

Now the chromosomes are being pulled to their poles in Anaphase.

Finally the gametes are produced. But what's this?

Can you see what is wrong?