Summary of programs

Hands On Genetics is a suite of interactive programs covering a wide range of topics in genetics.

Fields covered by the programs can be summarised as:

 Mendelian genetics  
 SimpleGene, Mendelsim, SexLink, Punnett, GeneShare
 Molecular genetics:  
 Genetic molecules, PCR, Gelsim
 Population genetics:   
 Popsim, Hardy-Weinberg, Fisher-Wright

Levels of difficulty: An approximate ranking of difficulty of the programs follows.  Programs classified as elementary are suitable for students with no previous genetics knowledge, either high school or a first course at university, while those at the higher end are more suitable for students who have done at least one genetics course.

Mendelsim is the most comprehensive program in the set, and contains two sets of 20 exercises which cover all ranges of difficulty.  The first set starts at an elementary level, with exercises becoming gradually more difficult. The second set starts at an intermediate level and ranges to an advanced level. 

The remaining programs are as follows:

Elementary: SimpleGene

Elementary - intermediate: Genetic molecules, Punnett, Meiosis, SexLink

Intermediate: Popsim, Hardy-Weinberg

Intermediate - advanced: PCR, Gelsim, GeneShare, Fisher-Wright